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About Lyle Hendricks and Hendricks Manufacturing, Inc.


Hendricks Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Lyle Hendricks in southern California and relocated to beautiful Orofino, Idaho in 2003. The custom machining facility utilizes CNC machining centers to provide customers with precisely made products ranging from simple electronic test fixtures to complex aircraft sub assemblies and everything in between. Strong ties were developed with the aircraft industry in the mid 1990ís due to Lyleís machining background in the aerospace industry at Northrop Aircraft and growth into the general aviation industry by becoming a pilot.

Aircraft components were being machined for experimental aircraft manufacturers when the need arose for a safer and more reliable door latch. This need prompted Lyle to develop a product that would fill this void and start a new chapter for Hendricks Manufacturing. Many product lines have developed as a result and now Hendricks Manufacturing is selling its own products in addition to custom machining.
Lyle Hendricks

Lyle Hendricks founded Hendricks Manufacturing, Inc. in 1994. Lyle gained experience as a machinist in various industries including paper converting, electronics, ultra high purity food transfer, oil field, underwater exploration and aerospace, including 5 years at Northrop Aircraft in Los Angeles prior to forming his own company. Projects at Northrop included the B-2 Spirit stealth bombers and the BQM-74C Chukar III aerial target drones. Subcontract work from Boeing included the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Block II carrier-based strike fighters and 747s.

Lyle began manufacturing components for the experimental aircraft industry in the mid 1990ís. It was at this time that Lyle fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot. This achievement put Lyle in a unique position to understand not only how to manufacture precision parts for aerospace and aviation manufacturing, but also the many other factors related to comfort and safety for pilots as well aircraft design and function.

Lyle currently resides in beautiful Orofino, Idaho with his wife, Kathy, who is also a pilot and works for Hendricks Manufacturing. Together they share passions for aviation and the great outdoors of Idaho and the northwest.

Hendricks Manufacturing, Inc. has a great deal of experience in the aerospace industry and others where the needs for close tolerance and quality control are essential in the production of precision components.† Quality is an integral part of each operation and therefore inspections are performed during each phase of production.† We also adhere to operating procedures developed to ensure consistency in the processing of jobs from our initial quote to delivery.


Hendricks Manufacturing, Inc. utilizes CNC machining centers to produce custom machined, precision components to your drawings and specifications.  We work with most types of metals including mild and alloy steels, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and tool steel as well as all types of plastics.

Our success is due to our focus on customer needs and our ability to update our processes and methods to meet the industry's ever changing requirements.  Our state of the art, integrated manufacturing system ensures consistent, cost effective, on time operations.  Whether a single part, a large quantity run requiring quick turn around or a long term supply that needs to be scheduled, Hendricks Manufacturing has the staff, facilities and resources to serve your precision machining needs.